Jerg Gutmann M.Sc.

Jerg Gutmann, M.Sc.

Post-Doc am Graduiertenkolleg Ökonomik der Internationalisierung des Rechts

Universität Hamburg
Fakultät für Rechtswissenschaft
Institute of Law and Economics
Johnsallee 35
20148 Hamburg

Von-Melle-Park 5 Raum 2170, Johnsallee 35 Raum 208

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By Appointment

Phone: (040) 42838-3040 (Johnsallee); (040) 42838-9463 (Von-Melle-Park)
Fax: (040) 42838-6794


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Short CV

  • 01/1984: Born in Schorndorf, Baden-Württemberg.
  • 10/2003-05/2008: Studied at Universität Stuttgart (Technisch orientierter Diplom-Volkswirt).
  • 10/2008-09/2010: Studied at Philipps-Universität Marburg (M.Sc. Economics and Institutions).
  • 04/2010-09/2010: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Chair for Microeconomics, Philipps-Universität Marburg.
  • 10/2010-12/2014: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Institute of Law & Economics, Universität Hamburg.
  • 01/2015-12/2016: Post-Doc, Graduateschool in Law & Economics, Universität Hamburg and DFG.


Tutorials (Übungen):

  • Introduction to Microeconomics (Philipps-Universität Marburg, 2010, BA level, DE).
  • Constitutional L&E (Universität Hamburg, European Master in L&E, 2011 & 2012, MA level, EN).
  • Introduction to Economics (Philipps-Universität Marburg, 2012, BA level, DE).
  • International L&E (Universität Hamburg, European Master in L&E, 2011-2013, MA level, EN).
  • L&E of Judicial Organization (Universität Hamburg, Law School, 2013, BA level, DE).
  • Introduction to Microeconomics (Universität Hamburg, Law School, 2013 & 2014, BA level, DE).

Lectures and Seminars (Vorlesungen und Seminare):

  • Empirical L&E (Cairo University, Faculty of Economics and Political Science (FEPS), 2012, MA level, EN).
  • Research Methods in L&E (DAAD German-Arab Transformation Partnership (GATP), 2012, BA level, EN).
  • Constitutional L&E (Universität Hamburg, European Master in L&E (EMLE), 2013, MA level, EN).
  • Introduction to Econometrics (Universität Hamburg, Graduateschool in L&E, 2012 & 2013, PhD level, EN).
  • Introduction to Stata (DAAD GATP, 2013, BA level, EN).
  • Introduction to Stata (German University in Cairo, 2013, BA level, EN).
  • Institutional Economics (German University in Cairo, 2013, MA level, EN).
  • Judicial Independence (Joint Vienna Institute, 2013, BA level, EN).
  • Economics of Corruption and Human Trafficking (DAAD GATP, 2014, BA level, EN).
  • Introduction to L&E (University of Sousse, Law School, 2014, BA level, EN).
  • Introduction to Stata (Universität Hamburg, Graduateschool in L&E, 2014, PhD level, EN).
  • Constitutional L&E (Universität Hamburg, Law School, 2015, BA level, DE).
  • Economics and Politics of Institutions (Universität Hamburg, Economics Department, 2015, MA level, EN).
  • Economics of Corruption and Corruption Measurement (Cairo University, FEPS, 2015, MA level, EN).
  • L&E of Migration Law (Seminar w/ Franziska Weber, Universität Hamburg, Law School, 2015, BA level, DE).
  • Research Methods in L&E (DAAD GATP, 2015, BA level, EN).
  • Thesis Writing Seminar (Universität Hamburg, EMLE, 2012, 2013, 2015, MA level, EN).

Research Topics

  • Empirical Economics; Law & Economics; New Institutional Economics
  • Concrete topics: Constitutions; Crime (esp. Corruption); Disasters; Human Rights; Religion

Research and Publications

Articles in Journals (peer-reviewed):

  • Gutmann, Jerg (2015); "Believe, But Verify? - The Effect of Market Structure on Corruption in Religious Organizations", Kyklos 68(2):153-164 [Download].
  • Gutmann, Jerg & Stefan Voigt (2015); "The Rule of Law and Constitutionalism in Muslim Countries", Public Choice 162(3-4):351-380 [Download]. (Non-technical summaries: Berlingske, NZZ, Ökonomenstimme).
  • Voigt, Stefan & Jerg Gutmann (2015); "On the Wrong Side of the Law: Causes and Consequences of a Corrupt Judiciary", forthcoming: International Review of Law & Economics, [Download].
  • Voigt, Stefan, Jerg Gutmann & Lars P. Feld (2015); "Economic Growth and Judicial Independence, a Dozen Years On: Cross-Country Evidence Using an Updated Set of Indicators", European Journal of Political Economy 38:197-211 [Download]. (Non-technical summary: Justice-Justiz-Giustizia, Schweizer Richterzeitung 2015/3).
  • Voigt, Stefan & Jerg Gutmann (2013); "Turning Cheap Talk into Economic Growth: On the Relationship between Property Rights and Judicial Independence", Journal of Comparative Economics 41(1):66-73, [Download].

Articles in Journals (non-peer-reviewed):

  • Gutmann, Jerg; "The Economic Analysis of Refugee Law" (2015), Hamburg Law Review 2015/2:41-48.

Articles in Edited Volumes:

  • Gutmann, Jerg (2015); "Old War in New Skins? - A Comment on Heike Krieger's 'Conceptualizing Cyberwar'", forthcoming: Thomas Eger, Stefan Oeter and Stefan Voigt (eds.), International Law and the Rule of Law Under Extreme Conditions, Mohr, [Link].
  • Gutmann, Jerg, Bernd Hayo & Stefan Voigt (2014); "Determinants of Constitutionally Safeguarded Judicial Review: Insights Based on a New Indicator", in: Yun-chien Chang (ed.), Empirical Legal Analysis: Assessing the Performance of Legal Institutions, Routledge, pp. 216-54, [Link].

Working Papers:

  • Brown, Patrick, Jerg Gutmann & Stefan Voigt; "Let the Sunshine in: Why Countries Adopt Freedom of Information Acts", [Download].
  • Gutmann, Jerg; "Pulling Leviathan's Teeth - The Political Economy of Death Penalty Abolition".
    (AFSE 2015.)
  • Gutmann, Jerg, Fabio Padovano & Stefan Voigt; "Perception vs. Experience: How to Explain Differences in Corruption Measures Using Microdata".
    (MRM 2013; PCS 2013; IIPF 2013; EALE 2013; EPCS 2014; EPSA 2014; Silvaplana Workshop 2014.)
  • Gutmann, Jerg, Katharina Pfaff & Stefan Voigt; "The Effects of Financial Crises on Political Institutions", [Download].
  • Gutmann, Jerg, Sina Imhof & Stefan Voigt; "Are You Green Yet? - On the Diffusion of Constitutionally Protected Environmental Rights", [Download].
    (CELS 2011; PCS 2012; EALE 2012.)
  • Gutmann, Jerg & Stefan Voigt; "Constitutional Constraints on the Military".
    ("Do Constitutions Matter?" 2012; "Constitutional Choice in the Middle East" 2012; EMLE MTM 2013; EPCS 2013; PCS 2013; ISNIE 2013; EALE 2013.)
  • Gutmann, Jerg & Stefan Voigt; "Islam and the Rule of Law: Lessons for the EU's External Policy".
    ("Rule of Law in EU External Action" 2014.)
  • Gutmann, Jerg & Stefan Voigt; "Lending a Hand to the Invisible Hand? - Assessing the Effects of Newly Enacted Competition Laws", [Download].
    ("Competition and Financial Regulation" 2012; FZID 2013; IFN 2013; EPCS 2014.)
  • Gutmann, Jerg & Stefan Voigt; "Mapping the Road to Freedom: The Correlates and Roots of the Rule of Law".
    (WJP 2014; "Danish Public Choice Workshop" 2015; EMLE MTM 2015; EPCS 2015; ISNIE 2015; AFSE 2015.)
  • Gutmann, Jerg & Stefan Voigt; "The Effects of Large-scale Disasters on Human Rights".
    (PCS 2014; EALE 2014; "Interdisciplinary Workshop Institutional Economics" 2014; EPCS 2015; Silvaplana Workshop 2015.)
  • Kiesow Cortez, Florian & Jerg Gutmann; "Domestic Institutions and the Ratification of International Agreements in a Panel of Democracies".
  • Lucas, Viola & Jerg Gutmann; "Unbundling Private and Public Sector Corruption: Insights Based on Two New Indicators", [Download].
    (EPSA 2014.)

Work in Progress:

  • Gassebner, Martin, Jerg Gutmann & Stefan Voigt; "Coups".
  • Gutmann, Jerg; "Conscription".
  • Gutmann, Jerg, Bernd Hayo & Stefan Voigt; "Interrelationships Between Crises".
  • Gutmann, Jerg, Katharina Pfaff & Stefan Voigt; "Economic Crises".
  • Hayo, Bernd, Stefan Voigt & Jerg Gutmann; "From Constitutional Review to an Additional Legislative Chamber: On the Development of Non-Conventional Court Competences".
  • Satzer, Janina & Jerg Gutmann; "Capitalism, Dictatorship and Olympic Gold: On the Complex Relationship between Freedom and Sports Success".
  • Voigt, Stefan & Jerg Gutmann; "Statistical Offices".

Data and Appendices

Selected datasets for replication purposes (download might require right-click and "save link as..."):

Forthcoming datasets:

  • Gutmann & Voigt: data on economic, political, emancipatory and basic human rights.
  • Gutmann & Voigt: data on large-scale disasters.
  • Lucas & Gutmann: data on private and public sector corruption.

Online Appendices:


  • European Association of Law & Economics; German Law & Economics Association; Hamburg Law & Economics Society
  • European Public Choice Society


  • British Journal of Political Science; Constitutional Political Economy; Economic Systems; Economics; Economics & Politics; European Journal of Comparative Economics; Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization; Kyklos; Review of Law & Economics